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Exclusive Midas Trailer Tackles Health Insurance Industry Corruption | ComingSoon

May 30, 2024

Brandon Schreur

ComingSoon is exclusively debuting the trailer for Midas, a new movie that addresses corruption within the health insurance industry.

Entertainment Squad has shared the first trailer for Midas with ComingSoon, a heist film that marks the feature film debut of writer and director TJ Noel-Sullivan.

Check out the Midas trailer below

What is Midas about?

“Ricky Pryce is blessed with good looks and a devious charisma, but they’re wasted on Grubhub Delivery orders and supporting his sick mother, as his high school friends graduate college and move on with their lives,” the official synopsis reads. “When a little white lie meant to impress a girl instead lands him a job at the health insurance company that laid his mom off, he hatches a plan to take back what he feels is owed, and set his family up for life. With the help of his two best friends, Ricky must learn what it takes to become a successful criminal, while grappling with the consequences. Along the way he makes a troubling discovery that raises the stakes, and tests the limits of their greed.”

Midas stars Laquan Copeland (The Dirty South), Preet Kaur (Finding Tony), Federico Parra (The Equalizer), Lucy Powers (Voyeur), and Bob Gallagher (Bad Senator).

“With MIDAS, we set out to create a heist film for a new generation. Entertainment Squad’s commitment to bold storytelling made them the perfect partner to bring this electrifying vision to audiences.” Noel-Sullivan said in a statement.

Entertainment Squad CEO Shaked Berenson added, “Midas combines thrilling heist action with a sharp critique of health insurance injustices, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate films that entertain and challenge the status quo.”

Midas releases in select United States theaters on June 28, 2024, from Entertainment Squad.

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