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Making movie magic in Hartford: One Connecticut filmmaker's journey to the big screen | Where We Live - CT Public

Jul 9, 2024

Tess Terrible, Catherine Shen

When you think of Hartford, Connecticut, what comes to mind? Maybe Elizabeth Park, good eats, and our state capitol? Odds are, you’re probably not thinking of Hartford as a destination for making movies! But some creatives are trying to change that.

After graduating from the Yale, Connecticut native TJ Noel-Sullivan lived in Los Angeles for a short while, but he found himself drawn back to Hartford. His first feature film is called Midas, it follows three best friends as they attempt to pull off a giant insurance fraud scheme and the entire film was set and shot in Hartford.

He joins us today to talk about the film, and his work to educate the next generation of filmmakers.


TJ Noel-Sullivan: writer and director of Midas

Listen to the full episode here

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