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On the Whistle | Film Shortage [Daily Pick]

Sep 1, 2020

A suburban basketball star struggles to impress the uncompromising coach of his new inner-city school.

Director’s Vision

I’ve always been obsessed with films that use small, personal stories to explore big ideas and discussions. From the outside, the stakes of a high school basketball tryout are low, but for a 17 year old basketball player those two days mean everything, and that was a feeling I wanted to capture on screen. Alongside that, there’s been a lot of discussion in Connecticut, and around the country, about the importance of diverse teaching staffs. In many Connecticut suburbs, including the one Luke attends in this fictional world, white students will graduate high school never having had a teacher or administrator of color. One of the things I wanted to explore with this story is how that lack of authority figures of color factors into things like white entitlement and white privilege.

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